Music collab with Harlow – fuck yeah!

It’s looking likely that I’ll be doing some sort of music collaboration with Harlow! This should be good – and scary at the same time, mostly because I have yet to take something like this on; but anything new is interesting and I’m definitely excited to see what we create – you know, since we’re both awesome and all.

You might have checked out his music during one of my deep dream videos – OMG you better have watched it if you haven’t! Oh that track was sweet and the visuals match the soothing beats to point, fuck yeah.

So again, check him out if you haven’t already – and by check him out I mean harass him on Twitter. @harlowhits =P

I’m building a game. What?

Many years ago, I made a few games using a GCS called Megazeux. Unfortunately [or fortunately] many of my creations were lost due to malfunctioning ZIP disks – yet some of them live on and can be found right here!

So now I’m converting one of my creations to Android with the help of a programmer I found off – it should be interesting to see where this ends up.

Eventually more information on the game will be posted here. =D

Let’s begin!

Ah yes, the new home for SorryAboutYourCats.WTF!
What lies on this site? Well a few things actually…

I created an about me page, which should fancy you if you’re into that sort of thing. I also created a totally random poop page, which consists of random video, images, music & shit.

The good thing now is that there’s an easy way to see if I’m live – well, besides the automatic notification that YouTube & Twitch give you. =P On the top right, just tap on Live on YouTube and.. some crap will happen. Awesome!

Anyway, it’s time to make another video – possibly about the Steam Link; goodbye for now!