Steam Link, Bluetooth, VirtualHere & the DualShock 3

Ah another successful run thanks to VirtualHere…

As you may or may not know, the DualShock 3 will only work directly connected to the Steam Link; that is, up until now… *cue the intro music*

But in all seriousness – this is what I did and used to make it work!

  1. Acquire Bluetooth dongle [This was tested with the Asus USB-BT211!]
  2. Insert Bluetooth dongle into HOST PC
  3. Install Bluetooth software/drivers on HOST PC [For the USB-BT211..]
  4. Install ScpServer [NOT MotionInJoy] by following this quick guide
  5. Open Steam on the HOST PC
  6. Turn on Steam Link
  7. Disconnect the Bluetooth dongle from HOST PC
  8. Insert Bluetooth dongle into Steam Link
  9. Open VirtualHere on HOST PC
  10. Double click on the device listed with a star
  11. Connect Steam Link to PC
  12. Use your DualShock 3 wirelessly, woo!

If you’d rather a video of how to set this up – let me know!
Well.. since we’re talking about videos..

Steam Link, steering wheels, VirtualHere & tacos

With this method, I was able to get everything, including force feedback, to work with my Logitech G27 racing wheel. Funk yes!
Steps listed below…

1. Download VirtualHere on host computer. Select an OS below:

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit



2. Place the download (VirtualHere) in a folder named VirtualHere (you can make this folder anywhere).

3. Connect controller to Steam Link.

4. Start up the Steam Link.

5. Go to the system settings and opt in for the Beta builds.

6. Enable USB Sharing on the Steam Link.

7. Connect the steering wheel to the Steam Link.
[Make sure you install the software/drivers for your device.. like if you have the G27, head here!]

8. Open VirtualHere on your computer.

9. In VirtualHere, double click on the steering wheel.

10. Start streaming and connect to your host PC.

11. If you see that controls are all funky within Steam, try holding the gas pedal and steer left and right on the wheel to move between blocks.

12. Be sure that no other controller is plugged in as the steering wheel will not become priority on it’s own.

Check out the video if you need more assistance! 🙂


Another Shovel Knight giveaway.. Woo!

Apparently I love giving away Shovel Knight. Why? Because the game kicks ass – that’s why!

So here they are! Keep in mind that you’ll need to be a resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia to enter, otherwise I can mail you some tacos – though I think they might expire by the time they get there…

Wii U –
PS4 –

Good luck future knight with shovel!

CES 2016 – Finally, the year of VR

The next set of consumer VR gear should be the full package – I can’t wait! And by next set I mean not the Gear VR [which I owned]. =P

HTC Vive  |  Valve  |  April 2016
2160×1200  |  FOV 110  |  90Hz  |  SteamVR controller

PlayStation VR  |  Sony  |  2016
1920×1080  |  FOV 100  |  120Hz  |  Move controller or Dual Shock 4

Oculus Rift  |  Facebook  |  Q1 2016
2160×1200  |  FOV 110  |  90Hz  |  Oculus Touch or Xbox One controller

Besides VR, there are other things to look for or question during CES:
– Dolby Vision [and Dolby + Visio’s reference TV]
– UHD Blu-rays with HDR support [time for new TV?]
– More bendy screens & more tech shit to wear
– Drone CPU war between Intel & Qualcomm
– Lots of cars that can drive my lazy ass

It should be interesting… 🙂


Thank you, you’re awesome!

I want to thank all of the people that have motivated and pushed me towards continuing my random journey towards music, art and video.

That being said, the sidebar on this site now exists to state those such people; if I have missed you, I am sorry – the list is not complete.

Anyway, thanks again for making SorryAboutYourCats something to bring home to momma.

Datamoshing A Christmas Story

I always fall in love with various ways to funk up media – so when I came across a datamoshed video, I wondered how I do the same.

After doing some research, I found the best method was to use Eddy’s guide found here. He actually has a download pack with some presets that can be loaded onto AviDemux – the program used to glitch these videos.

Here was my process:
1. Load videos wanting to be funked with in Premiere Pro
2. Cut them in a way that works best for datamoshing
3. Export as an uncompressed UYVY avi
4. Load video onto AviDemux 2.5.6
5. Export as MPEG4 ASP (Xvid) using one of the five presets
6. Close project in AviDemux
7. Load exported video back into AviDemux
8. Find and remove all i-frames except the first one
9. Save the video as a Copy in AviDemux
10. ??
11. Trip out

AviDemux does have its faults though, but you have to work around it. Every time a project is saved, the application crashes – and the project itself leaves no file extension, so you’ll have to open the program and go through the menus to actually open it up [it would help if I knew which extension it used]. It also kept crashing at random points of erasing i-frames – but that’s more understandable.

I did make a macro script that sped up the process of erasing i-frames though – and this definitely helped for the ~11 minute video I just did; add this to your AutoHotkey script, reload it and use CTRL + H to find and remove the next i-frame.

Send {Up}
sleep, 250
Send [
sleep, 250
Send {Right}
sleep, 250
Send ]
sleep, 250
Send {Del}

If you have any questions or comments regarding the glitch – ask! =D
Regardless, hope your holidays kick ass!

What’s the deal with 2016?

  • Goal: Make a legit album.
  • Why: I’m pretty passionate about music, but I always feel like I need to know more before proceeding to the next step; if I make ~10 songs to stick to an album, I’ll finally feel like I’ve leveled up.
  • How: Currently learning new devices, techniques and future collaborations are in the works.
  • Goal: Create a somewhat-daily tech show.
  • Why: I feel like I could translate posts off The Verge, Engadget and Kotaku, in a quick but entertaining way. Funny, educational & raging comments will be read out loud, possibly debating with myself [two commenters] using different voices.
  • How: I already skim through articles and comments – all I would need is Flipboard or Pocket and start selecting the good stuff. Not that much editing would be need to get done – so videos should pop out quick.
  • Goal: Dedicated deep dream & glitch machine.
  • Why: My glitch art is usually fucking awesome, but the designs are usually done at a shitty resolution; it would be nice to do those and the deep dream videos in 4K. The only issue is that this system will be expensive. Blah.
  • How: Time and money.
  • Goal: Release Android game.
  • Why: Gaming is in my blood. That and I love making thangs’, so it’s only natural to combine the two, right? =| I have this game I created years ago and would like to “port” it over to Android.
  • How: Well, it’s being worked on right now…
So, what are YOUR goals? Huh? Hmmmm?