VirtualHere Steam Link update about pricing

If you’ve either read my posts, or watched any one of my videos regarding VirtualHere – you’ll know that it works and it works quite well.

However, there has been a recent change – if you’re using beta build 518 or later, you will have to start paying for VirtualHere; this is because VirtualHere is now out of beta.

Considering how useful it is though, it’s definitely worth the cost if you own a Steam Link!

VirtualHere on Steam


Steam Link – Controller Guide

Controllers that currently work with the Steam Link..!

DualShock 3 [PlayStation 3 Controller]
Wired: Yes! | Wireless: Only using a Bluetooth adapter and VirtualHere.
A video will be made on how to connect it via Bluetooth. If you’re in a rush though, reading this might guide your path.

DualShock 4 [PlayStation 4 Controller]
Wired: Yes! | Wireless: Yes!
If you’re having difficulty connecting via Bluetooth, try resetting the controller; do this by inserting a pin in the back of the controller. Video?!

Wii U Pro Controller
Wired: Yes! | Wireless: Yes!
If you’re having issues connecting wirelessly, try updating your Steam Link and Steam software on the host computer.

Xbox 360 Controller
Wired: Yes! | Wireless: Yes!
I only tested this using the official Microsoft Wireless Receiver; if anyone tested it with the others, I will update this accordingly.

Xbox One Controller
Wired: Yes! | Wireless: No. [But may work with VirtualHere!]
Currently the Xbox Wireless Adapter only works directly connected to Windows; however, VirtualHere might allow it to work. Testing needed!

DDR pad [Dance Dance Revolution Mat]
It works without any modification, as seen here playing Super Hexagon!

Fighterstick [Thrustmaster USB Joystick]
Yeah, this works – after a Steam Link update. 

Steering Wheel [Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel]
This works with VirtualHere only. Follow this video on how to set it up correctly. Safe driving!

GameCube Adapter [Mayflash GameCube to Wii U / PC]
At the time of this video, VirtualHere did not exist – so my testing failed. It should now work with VirtualHere though!

Other controllers that work [Thanks to Haris Pantelis]
SPEEDLINK SL-4446-BK-01 XEOX Pro Analog Gamepad
Logitech Rumblepad 2
Speedlink Torid Wireless

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Steam Link, Bluetooth, VirtualHere & the DualShock 3

Ah another successful run thanks to VirtualHere…

As you may or may not know, the DualShock 3 will only work directly connected to the Steam Link; that is, up until now… *cue the intro music*

But in all seriousness – this is what I did and used to make it work!

  1. Acquire Bluetooth dongle [This was tested with the Asus USB-BT211!]
  2. Insert Bluetooth dongle into HOST PC
  3. Install Bluetooth software/drivers on HOST PC [For the USB-BT211..]
  4. Install ScpServer [NOT MotionInJoy] by following this quick guide
  5. Open Steam on the HOST PC
  6. Turn on Steam Link
  7. Disconnect the Bluetooth dongle from HOST PC
  8. Insert Bluetooth dongle into Steam Link
  9. Open VirtualHere on HOST PC
  10. Double click on the device listed with a star
  11. Connect Steam Link to PC
  12. Use your DualShock 3 wirelessly, woo!

If you’d rather a video of how to set this up – let me know!
Well.. since we’re talking about videos..

Steam Link, steering wheels, VirtualHere & tacos

With this method, I was able to get everything, including force feedback, to work with my Logitech G27 racing wheel. Funk yes!
Steps listed below…

1. Download VirtualHere on host computer. Select an OS below:

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit



2. Place the download (VirtualHere) in a folder named VirtualHere (you can make this folder anywhere).

3. Connect controller to Steam Link.

4. Start up the Steam Link.

5. Go to the system settings and opt in for the Beta builds.

6. Enable USB Sharing on the Steam Link.

7. Connect the steering wheel to the Steam Link.
[Make sure you install the software/drivers for your device.. like if you have the G27, head here!]

8. Open VirtualHere on your computer.

9. In VirtualHere, double click on the steering wheel.

10. Start streaming and connect to your host PC.

11. If you see that controls are all funky within Steam, try holding the gas pedal and steer left and right on the wheel to move between blocks.

12. Be sure that no other controller is plugged in as the steering wheel will not become priority on it’s own.

Check out the video if you need more assistance! 🙂