Branching off

From using ResEdit on Mac OS 7 to Game Genie on the Super Nintendo, as a kid I always enjoyed fucking with games & software – years later I found myself finding different ways to mess with technology and eventually started turning it into art, whether it be fractals, glitched out games or other forms of tech art.

Doing last month’s art show and actually showcasing my work in person was a big step for me. Not only was I proud to be featured, but I was always shy showing my work in person – it’s easy to post on Instagram & YouTube because I’m hiding behind a computer, but to do it face to face was a different story.

In an attempt to experiment and see what works, I have branched out onto different platforms and will continue to expand throughout the year – I now have a Patreon that offers art not found anywhere else along with other unique perks, a monthly mailing list to see what the fuck is up with me and a Society 6 storefront that features some random pieces.

Also set for this year – more progress with my VR fractal project, Chaos Theory VR, which will launch on Kickstarter with a small goal set. I’ll also be working on more interactive art experiments used in art shows / streaming and focusing on the media collaboration Discord & website.

I’m not ever going to stop being grateful for the people that came to the show, purchased art, supported me during this transition and really anyone that showed their love for my random crazy whatever-the-fuck-I-am-working-on projects. Thanks again! =D