Yay 2017! Fuck 2017!

What a fucking rollercoaster 2017 has been. Seriously.
Oh sure, you could say that about any year right?

I mean shit, who goes through an entire year without any hardships or anything?
But this year has been filled with such drastic changes – for better or worse.

Be Grateful

Regardless of what life throws at your face, you should be grateful for shit on a daily basis.
I’m especially grateful for my family & friends that were there for me; especially recently.

That being stated, I have to emphasize my accomplishments of the year before diving into the shit.
So much good stuff happened this year that I can go on for pages – so I’ll be brief!

This was the year I got partnered, something I got approached to do and wasn’t planning.
I put together a crazy interactive robot soccer event at E3 – like holy shit, that was AMAZING!

Shoutcasting for the Beam to Mixer rebrand was something special and unexpected.
I had fun doing interactive nail polish and robot goodness on the Level Up cast & Tips and Tricks.

Amazing streamers had viewers apply makeup to them at PAX West, which was funny as fuck.
I got the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing people and.. okay I think that is enough. =P

[Ooo, forgot about the hilarious Abbby April fools stream – OMG that was amazing!]

Seriously – even with all the events that happened this year, it was an INCREDIBLE YEAR.
On that note, it’s time to talk about the major changes of 2017.

Priority Happiness

I was in a “9-5” job that was making fantastic money for ~8 years.
I was in a relationship that I was receiving love for ~4 years.

What then was the problem?
Passion dissipated and progress deemed impossible; things didn’t feel right.

Relationship wise, I loved but was not in love.
Work wise, I was doing it solely for the money.

Looking at myself, I noticed I was in this sort of loop that wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t happy.
So if you’ve spoken to me recently, you’ll know I am adamant about change.

Which is why I’ve been stressing the whole ‘Not happy? Stop bitching and start fixing!’ attitude.
There are people out there that are miserable but don’t change anything because of ‘comfort’.

Regardless, I am grateful for every relationship I’ve had as every conflict made me stronger.
I know more mistakes will be made in the future, surely, but definitely not the same fucking ones.

Things Don’t Always Work Out – Fuck It, I’ll Move On

2017 was filled with projects that didn’t transpire, a failed relationship and ending of a high position.
But dreading on those things do me no good, instead I have to look ahead and continue working.

What keeps me going is all the love I’ve received from my art, music, streams & helping others.
At times I’m still confused by the amount of appreciation I get and I’ll never take it for granted.

If something doesn’t end up working out for you, don’t focus on the negative bullshit.
Instead concentrate on the next steps forward; these issues only make you a better person.

OMG CATS, what then do we do!? Well Billy, I’m glad you asked!
Let’s start with READING A FUCKLOAD OF AMAZING BOOKS! It helped me Billy, it really did!

Yay I Can Read

The Alchemist
I started reading this wondering why the fuck I needed to, honestly, as it was recommended by my sister. I was like, okay, what the fuck does this have to do with me right now? Well it turns out, the journey that the protagonist goes through is pretty fucking inspirational and actually clicked with a lot of shit I was going through. I think timing is very important in reading certain books though, so if you end up putting the book down after reading a few pages, read it later when it feels right.

The Alchemist Graphic Novel
So I actually just ordered this while looking up the Amazon affiliate links [you’re damn right I make a penny or two if you decide to buy any of this goodness] and can’t vouch for this version other than the fact that IT’S THE ALCHEMIST IN FUCKING COMIC FORM – that’s pretty legit in itself! Basically I bought this version just to give it to someone randomly at PAX South; we’ll see who needs it.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
This was the first book I purchased after getting attacked by the god that is Google. Yes, I clicked on an AD! AHHHH! WHY! Well I’m glad I did, because this book trains you to stop giving a fuck about the things you shouldn’t give a fuck about. No – the book is not telling you to not give a fuck about everything, essentially it is saying you should only give a fuck about certain things. Do what I did and read a few pages of it on Amazon first, guarantee you’ll have fun reading this!

Manuscript Found in Accra
Each chapter is a new lesson; so, it kind of makes sense to read it like the way my sister reads it – randomly. What she’ll do is open the book to a random page, then go to the start of that chapter and read it. Since she highlights the fuck out of her books, she knows which chapters were read and which weren’t. Although I’ve read the book from front to back, I plan on reading it like this in the future after finishing up my other books.

The Four Agreements
I’m currently reading this and on chapter 3, which is ‘The Second Agreement’. From what I read so far though, it’s pretty powerful. ‘The First Agreement’ stresses out how our word is impeccable, which sounds pretty fucking obvious but when you read about it in depth, you kind of get slapped in the face with some facts that you may not want to hear. OH – and be sure to get the 15th anniversary edition for the artwork inside [I mean, come on, you might as well]!

Think and Grow Rich
Another book I am also reading, but from the first chapter alone I realized what I was doing wrong in my approach on things – mostly that I try to take on too many things at once. Or should I say, I have a passion for a LOT of things, and have a LOT of tasks I work on daily, but it questioned me with ‘Well, what the fuck is your BURNING DESIRE?’. Like, I want this and this and this and this, but what do I REALLY WANT? I like doing this and this and this, but what do I LOVE DOING? What drives ME? That being said, if this book already has that much of an impact on me a chapter in, well fuck, that’s deep.

A pen
Yes, a pen, because you will be underlining so much shit it’s not even funny. You don’t just read and move on, you note the words that actually impact you so that you can go back to it and reinforce the message. I actually have no fucking idea if that pen is any good either, so good luck with that. =D

Meditation Helped, WOOSAH

There were many times in my life where I attempted to meditate, but it never quite ‘worked’.
I also tried Headspace recently – which did nothing for me regardless of the graphics and sexy voice.

My sister then played a few she enjoyed and one of them seemed to work on me. Go sis!
I started with these to learn and then followed with these tones, which I have been doing daily.

It’s a great way to clear the head, especially if you’re like me that gets a ton of ideas constantly.
Each session also seems to carry a theme with it, or a lesson in itself. It’s strange but it works.

Do What You Love

Gaming has helped me cope with a lot of shit in life [the Switch has been a godsend recently].
I love making music, art or creating anything that puts smiles and confusion on faces too.

If you didn’t know, I originally started doing YouTube videos to remove PTSD I had [it worked].
And as for streaming, I started in August 2016 in hopes to create unique strange content.

All I can say, do what makes you happy – but of course, some things in moderation, right?
Meaning you can’t spend your entire day gaming and feel productive – oh wait, you can!

But in all seriousness, streaming on Mixer is fun as fuck but it is a lot of work to get it right.
If there is any advice I can give to a new streamer – DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING NUMBERS.

I’m actually proud of a LOT OF PEOPLE that kicked ass this year.
They never stopped trying to accomplish what they set; if you’re one of those people – YOU ROCK!

Anyway, stick with things you love and stick by people that make you feel happy.
Avoid assholes that drain your energy or don’t make you feel like yourself. Hmph!

2018 Is Already Fucking Amazing, Right?

I love working my ass off on projects that I’m passionate about [obviously right]!
But patience is something I need to improve on – because I know all my work will pay off.

There are still a ton of pending projects that I know will formulate – so I’m not worried.
For the ones that don’t, well, fuck it – they weren’t meant to be; plenty of other shit to do! :]

I’ll be moving to the west coast in March but I still expect to be back in NYC all the time.
One of my many goals is to be able to work remotely doing something I love.

It can’t be stated enough of how grateful I am for everything that happened in 2017.
I mean, I barely touched the surface of the good shit that occurred but I’ll never forget it.

I can’t wait to do this writeup again for the end of 2018 and go FUCK YEAH, I DID ALL THAT.
Thanks for reading! [And if you read this on a toilet, well, sorryaboutyourhemorrhoids..]

– sorryaboutyourcats

Revamping Beam Team? Funk yes!


If you’re a streamer, you know streaming is hard – it’s a job in itself. When you’re not spending time streaming, you’re spending time working on your stream – essentially it’s like having a small business.

Just like having a company, the best way to move forward is to work together – get help from the people who can help you and offer assistance to the people who need it; a balance if you will.

That being said, I started the Beam team originally for the hell of it, not thinking a community of creative, crazy and geeky people would join forces & come together – but we have, and I think that’s fucking great.

That being said, sorryaboutyourteam is in the midst of a shift; listed below are a few things that will come to fruition.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. -Henry Ford
📼 Weekly highlight reel

Kick ass clips of great moments from streams will be compiled into a weekly highlight reel, then posted on the team’s YouTube page.

Members will need to jot down the timestamp, either on paper or by taking advantage of Scorpbot’s !highlight command.

Afterwards, they’ll drop the VOD in Google Drive and we’ll take care of the rest – a link to the member’s channel will be listed on the video.

Any new members will also be quickly shown at the end with a short introduction and a link to their channel.

🚑 Member helper list & dedicated help days

A directory listing all services offered by members of the community will be listed on the website and on Discord.

There will also be dedicated help days and help streams, which are especially useful for people new to Beam.

The list of services and bots will be updated on a regular basis as well, so everyone can take advantage of all the tools out there.

There will also be a dedicated Discord channel to thank anyone that has helped. Reward? You will get a cookie and a sticker, minus a cookie.

🙃 Universal GIFs

Hey member – ever do something silly on your stream? Good. Now turn that into a GIF and give all members the ability to summon you at will.

📢 New member shout-outs

Shout-outs for new members will be blasted across all member streams – either via voice or by an automated bot message.

Discord will contain pinned information about new members – this way as a streamer, you don’t have to waste time hunting for what’s going on.

[Feature requested by Loli]

🤝 Autohost members on idle

Numbers aren’t everything, but if your viewer count is too low – you might not even get a chance to be noticed – even if you have the most dank stream! Autohosting each other and lurking in each other’s streams at least gives members the little push they need to get noticed.

🤸 Gamewisp & Discord

Everyone that has a Gamewisp will be able to offer their subscribers unique roles, emotes and member-only voice chat access. We can do this all under one Discord too, in an organized manner.

🤵 Non-mandatory weekly meetings

Syncing up with everyone will keep everyone on the same page, figure out what we can do to improve our streams, and see what everyone had for breakfast – mmm tacos.

📺 Series

Have something unique and consistent? Turn it into a series!
Dot Talks, a talk show going over tough questions starring GamingDotGeek, will be the first show to start of the team’s series lineup!

Robots fighting, live music, interactive cartoons, programming or creating funky art are other great ideas for a series if they can be pulled off weekly.

💏 Member synchronization

Schedule game events ahead of time so that other members can play along; this is a great way to cross-pollinate regulars between streamers.

We’ll also have a dedicated channel on Discord called “YO DIS’ IS WHAT I’M PLAYIN’ RIGHT NOW”. Okay maybe that won’t be the title – but you get the point, broadcast what you’re playing and sync up!

🍗 Monthly 24 hour stream

Ideally it would be great to have at least one member do a 24 hour stream a day – but that might not happen, so let’s just do it once a month, yeah?

But seriously – a 24 hour stream with at least 2 members once a month, playing random games and streaming for a charity sounds great. =]

📅 Efficient stream scheduling

A beautiful spreadsheet will be created and examined to check for dead time slots – this may help out a new streamer as other members can join in and devote some time to engage with chat; of course this is no guarantee that it’ll boost numbers, but it would definitely boost the streamer’s moral.

Besides using this data for optimization, all streamer schedules will be posted on the team’s site, bio and on Discord.

🥅 Goals

Why are you streaming? What are you doing here? Your streaming goals should be announced to the world so that we can try to help you reach it.

🕸 Networking

New social media accounts will be made – from Instagram to Tinder, for the revamped team. Well hold up, hmm… #interactivetinder

Using hootsuite, we can set up some automation to, say, automatically retweet that you’re streaming. More exposure is good for everyone.

All members should try and follow each other on all types of social media platforms so that we can stay in touch outside of Beam.

A website will also be made for the team, which will offer things a member website should offer. Wow, I’m so descriptive!


Transitioning might be easy, but finalizing will take some time.
Either the case, this page will be updated as time persists.

⏱ It begins

The first thing to do is organize a list of teams and Discord servers that would like to merge; it’s more than likely that the one with the highest user count will probably lead and everyone else will join into that.

While that’s going on, we’ll have to decide what the new name, new logo and new overall look is going to be. The logo will also come in various sizes – for bio or overlay, we’ll have it ready!

The site will also act as a portal, featuring calendar events, links to all member’s channels and whatever else a team site should have. =P

🏢 Time to get to work

If you have comments, suggestions or any feedback whatsoever, feel free to let me know on Discord, Twitter or craigslist!

Have a kick ass day/night/whatever and thanks for reading through this!

You’re doing a 24 hour stream?!

This Friday! And I’m not doing it alone either – I’ll be joined by:
porkchop0verload | DOMinAs1an | SunDragon | TeknoRebel | Gouda

What will occur during the 24 hours of streaming goodness?

Interactive robots
Ramps, balloon popping, tank missions and feet stabbing!

Interactive cartoons
Viewers will hop on Discord while I animate using motion capture!

Interactive games
Random games that the viewers can play, with or without us!

Multiplayer games
We’ll all be playing a ton of games together – with viewers able to join in!

Single player games
When I need to play with myself – don’t worry, the bots will be playable!

Glitched gaming
I’ll be attempting to play SNES games while the viewers glitch it out.

Chiptune creation
Making music with my Pocket Operators or OP-1 might transpire!

36 hour stream?

If I get 1,000 subscribers by last hour of the 24 hour stream, I will do an additional 12 hours. I figured this won’t happen, so I have nothing to really worry about – but if I end up doing it, please send coffee & tacos.

Interactive dressing room?

No no no, that’s against the TOS – I already asked! =X

But what I will do is have the first person to sign up on GameWisp be able to pick an outfit for me to wear; please don’t make it too kinky though.

This should be amazing?

Oh that’s not a question – it will be!

And special thanks to SunDragon for making that legit banner! Woo!