VirtualHere Steam Link update about pricing

If you’ve either read my posts, or watched any one of my videos regarding VirtualHere – you’ll know that it works and it works quite well.

However, there has been a recent change – if you’re using beta build 518 or later, you will have to start paying for VirtualHere; this is because VirtualHere is now out of beta.

Considering how useful it is though, it’s definitely worth the cost if you own a Steam Link!

VirtualHere on Steam


Using an HTC Vive as my primary monitor

With my sexy new computer – I will attempt to use the HTC Vive as my main monitor.

What does this mean exactly?
Well, using Virtual Desktop – I plan on running Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, and various applications just like I normally would, except this time viewing everything in VR.

Will my eyes bleed from this? Too early to tell – but one thing is for sure…