Creators update, Beam & Interactive

If you just installed the Creators update for Windows 10 and plan on streaming to Beam, I recommend using some form of interactive controls – whether it be sound presses or real life robot maneuvers!

These interactive controls take advantage of Beam’s sub-second video latency, allowing crazy fucking streams that were not possible before due to technical limitations; I suggest taking advantage of this.

Here are just some of the tools available to get you started:
(If you need assistance, hop on the Streamer Spectrum Discord and yell!)

Keep in mind, interactive 2 is coming out soon and will grant the ability to do even crazier shit (more information can be found here).

Use the keyboard shortcuts below to get around quicker:
(These can be customized in Game bar settings.)

  • Open Game bar  |  Win + G
  • Start/pause broadcast  |  Win + Alt + B
  • Show camera in broadcast  |  Win + Alt + W
  • Microphone on/off  |  Win + Alt + M
  • Record that  |  Win + Alt + G
  • Start/stop recording  |  Win + Alt + R
  • Show recording timer  |  Win + Alt + T
  • Take screenshot  |  Win + Alt + PrtScrn

Hope these tools & tricks help – see you on Beam!

Save money with Office 365 Outlook Groups


At my real job, we use Office 365 with mixed licenses [E1s & E3s].
The E1 licenses only give you access to email; and although it’s a pretty cheap subscription – if you tally enough of them, you’re going to get hit hard on a monthly basis.

In Outlook 2016, which has been out for some time now, they added a feature called Outlook Groups. With this, you can create a separate email for, say, support or information – like or something along those lines. Then, with your other account, you subscribe to the group – which gives you access to the shared mailbox along with some pretty neat collaborative features.

Of course, this means you’ll need at least one Office 365 account – but it’s better than owning, say, 7 different E1 accounts that have to do with different subjects.

There are other ways to achieve this too, by having different email accounts forward to one without any additional cost – but with Outlook Groups, the emails are organized without the use of filters and rules.

Well – you get the picture! Check it out if you’re interested!