Making that 8K 360° fractal; if only…

I have an issue.

Resolution limitation with h264 / .mp4:
Can only go up to 4096×2160.

Container limitation with 360° Metadata tool:
.mp4 .mov

Codecs I can use that surpass 4096×2160:
VP9 | Can’t add metadata to it
h265 | Can’t upload to YouTube

If anyone can assist, either in figuring out a way to add metadata to a WebM video, or find a good Premiere Pro preset for QuickTime, then please let me know; otherwise either I’ll export uncompressed, or just wait to make any more.

In the meantime, here are three different versions of B0X3y!

Also, please check out my new Steam Workshop item – something for Virtual Desktop (very useful for any VRer)! It even features music from Raigan Burns (smoothingly hard synth action)! =P


And lastly, if you read this – be sure to comment. :]