Steam Link, Bluetooth, VirtualHere & the DualShock 3

Ah another successful run thanks to VirtualHere…

As you may or may not know, the DualShock 3 will only work directly connected to the Steam Link; that is, up until now… *cue the intro music*

But in all seriousness – this is what I did and used to make it work!

  1. Acquire Bluetooth dongle [This was tested with the Asus USB-BT211!]
  2. Insert Bluetooth dongle into HOST PC
  3. Install Bluetooth software/drivers on HOST PC [For the USB-BT211..]
  4. Install ScpServer [NOT MotionInJoy] by following this quick guide
  5. Open Steam on the HOST PC
  6. Turn on Steam Link
  7. Disconnect the Bluetooth dongle from HOST PC
  8. Insert Bluetooth dongle into Steam Link
  9. Open VirtualHere on HOST PC
  10. Double click on the device listed with a star
  11. Connect Steam Link to PC
  12. Use your DualShock 3 wirelessly, woo!

If you’d rather a video of how to set this up – let me know!
Well.. since we’re talking about videos..