Remember that Dark Souls steering wheel video?

So on May 17th 2013, I beat the first boss of Dark Souls using a steering wheel; after that video was up, I noticed people recording similar acts.

This lead me to believe that I was on to something, which brought me to create a stupid series called No, don’t use that! Although I made a few similar videos, I never really pushed this to the extent that I could – like introducing multiplayer elements; think of a Mortal Kombat match where one player is using a DDR mat and the other is using the Donkey Konga drums! It sounds horrible and delightful in so many ways! =]

So why am I bringing this up? Well, I think my first Kickstarter attempt for anything video related won’t be Music or artwork with glitching methods – it would be continuing the silly trend of playing games the way there weren’t made to be played.

Anyway, here are some related videos! More on this coming soon..!