Amplitude one-handed challenge has a winner?

I’m very proud to be the “father” of the one-handed Amplitude challenge for the sheer fact that as a community, anything is possible – and by anything I mean enduring hours in one-handed torment of musical fun – ahhhhhh..!


So I’ll be making a combined video with everyone’s footage.
To make the process smoother, please submit the following:
[And sorry if this has already been posted.]

– Upload actual video file via Google Drive or OneDrive
– If not, post to YouTube and send me the URL
– And, of course, send me a 300×300 icon to represent you

Prizes will be handed out over the weekend.

The People Resetti  Peachio  Subtenko  XdeathSRK  SpikeStarkey  TUSMBOX
Discomatt  Kicaken  Dexor  won1LayZFlip  EthanE3Eves

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