Amplitude one-handed challenge has a winner?

I’m very proud to be the “father” of the one-handed Amplitude challenge for the sheer fact that as a community, anything is possible – and by anything I mean enduring hours in one-handed torment of musical fun – ahhhhhh..!


So I’ll be making a combined video with everyone’s footage.
To make the process smoother, please submit the following:
[And sorry if this has already been posted.]

– Upload actual video file via Google Drive or OneDrive
– If not, post to YouTube and send me the URL
– And, of course, send me a 300×300 icon to represent you

Prizes will be handed out over the weekend.

The People Resetti  Peachio  Subtenko  XdeathSRK  SpikeStarkey  TUSMBOX
Discomatt  Kicaken  Dexor  won1LayZFlip  EthanE3Eves

The Places

How do you unlock Super mode in Amplitude?

Easy, if you’re in the NYC area and have an adequate amount of tacos – hire me to do it!

Okay but in all seriousness, all you have to do is get 10 bars in total for the final section on Expert. Example? Sure!

3 bars in Supraspatial
2 bars in Digital Paralysis
3 bars in Energize
2 bars in Dalatecht

There you go. Now the next step is beating a level on Super with one-hand!

Good luck!