What’s the deal with 2016?

  • Goal: Make a legit album.
  • Why: I’m pretty passionate about music, but I always feel like I need to know more before proceeding to the next step; if I make ~10 songs to stick to an album, I’ll finally feel like I’ve leveled up.
  • How: Currently learning new devices, techniques and future collaborations are in the works.
  • Goal: Create a somewhat-daily tech show.
  • Why: I feel like I could translate posts off The Verge, Engadget and Kotaku, in a quick but entertaining way. Funny, educational & raging comments will be read out loud, possibly debating with myself [two commenters] using different voices.
  • How: I already skim through articles and comments – all I would need is Flipboard or Pocket and start selecting the good stuff. Not that much editing would be need to get done – so videos should pop out quick.
  • Goal: Dedicated deep dream & glitch machine.
  • Why: My glitch art is usually fucking awesome, but the designs are usually done at a shitty resolution; it would be nice to do those and the deep dream videos in 4K. The only issue is that this system will be expensive. Blah.
  • How: Time and money.
  • Goal: Release Android game.
  • Why: Gaming is in my blood. That and I love making thangs’, so it’s only natural to combine the two, right? =| I have this game I created years ago and would like to “port” it over to Android.
  • How: Well, it’s being worked on right now…
So, what are YOUR goals? Huh? Hmmmm?