Steam Link, steering wheels, VirtualHere & tacos

With this method, I was able to get everything, including force feedback, to work with my Logitech G27 racing wheel. Funk yes!
Steps listed below…

1. Download VirtualHere on host computer. Select an OS below:

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit



2. Place the download (VirtualHere) in a folder named VirtualHere (you can make this folder anywhere).

3. Connect controller to Steam Link.

4. Start up the Steam Link.

5. Go to the system settings and opt in for the Beta builds.

6. Enable USB Sharing on the Steam Link.

7. Connect the steering wheel to the Steam Link.
[Make sure you install the software/drivers for your device.. like if you have the G27, head here!]

8. Open VirtualHere on your computer.

9. In VirtualHere, double click on the steering wheel.

10. Start streaming and connect to your host PC.

11. If you see that controls are all funky within Steam, try holding the gas pedal and steer left and right on the wheel to move between blocks.

12. Be sure that no other controller is plugged in as the steering wheel will not become priority on it’s own.

Check out the video if you need more assistance! 🙂