People are awesome; the SAYC virus is spreading

Here’s a list of random collaboration efforts currently brewing…!

Current contest running for Amplitude Online

What an awesome banner!

AJ the technical organizer is conjuring up a strange promo video!

Did ghetto voice over work for PosterBoy, the kick ass animator!

Featured song on one of Doodlesndrips, a crazed artist, timelapses!

Eventually will do an amazing piece with Harlow, maker of chill beats!

Selected video on that funny Typhoon gun mod, made by Protato!

Working with Phillip Reabold on an Android puzzle game – good man!

Music appearance on SpawnOnMe‘s podcast – check them out!

Crazy dude Joey Wint and I are bringing together a datamoshed piece!

Voicemails made for brainztain‘s project – should be interesting!

And that’s not all – but I think that’s good enough for now.. =]