Games that work for interactive streaming

Certain games work better than others for interactive streaming; although FTL offers super low latency, anything that requires fast reflexes, like N++, might not be suitable for it. For some games, MODs or cheats can be loaded to balance out the challenge, but that can’t be done for all. ;D

Also, some games require additional scripts or programs running to actually work. For example, to get people playing on my PS4, it required two computers due to the program I was using being unable to accept any inputs. With enough trial and error, you can get anything working. =P

Worked well for player

P.T. | No Man’s Sky | Fez | LSD: Dream Emulator | Rocket League
Zelda: A Link to the Past | Gangbeasts | Mount your Friends
BattleBlock Theater | Mario Paint | Tetris | Bust-a-move | Katamari
Bomberman | Sim City | Final Fantasy 6 | Earthbound

Technically worked but not recommended for play

Mario 3 | Super Mario World | N

Did not work

Critter Crunch | N++ | Dropsy

This post will be updated from time to time on games that I have tried; I have about 100+ games to try, so bare with me. If you’d like to request a game, do submit it on our Discord chat!

In addition, any creative programs, like Ableton Live or Photoshop will also be listed here; eventually… =D