Project Glitch

Here’s what we have so far..

Upload your random videos; they may be glitched!

And this video isn’t ‘public’ yet, but here it is..

Okay, I’m done.. or am I!?

This method.. ?⚠?⚠?⚠?⚠ #aidaandi #glitch #glitchnyc #digitalart #processing #programming #glitchart #art #newstyle #green #pixelsort #pixelsorting

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Bitchin’ Glitchin’

So I’m back to my glitching ways, at least for the time being, and am currently running a datamosh series of random media from Instagrammers. So far there’s this, this and this one.

My next two goals is to make super high resolution pixelsorting using Processing and to do live glitching via the webcam, while streaming a mix live on Twitch or YouTube; lovely.

Besides that, there are other methods I’ve been messing with which are listed below; funk yeah.




I would love to make a dedicated machine for glitching, but I will only build it if I see a “market” for it. Hmm.. =D

Datamoshing A Christmas Story

I always fall in love with various ways to funk up media – so when I came across a datamoshed video, I wondered how I do the same.

After doing some research, I found the best method was to use Eddy’s guide found here. He actually has a download pack with some presets that can be loaded onto AviDemux – the program used to glitch these videos.

Here was my process:
1. Load videos wanting to be funked with in Premiere Pro
2. Cut them in a way that works best for datamoshing
3. Export as an uncompressed UYVY avi
4. Load video onto AviDemux 2.5.6
5. Export as MPEG4 ASP (Xvid) using one of the five presets
6. Close project in AviDemux
7. Load exported video back into AviDemux
8. Find and remove all i-frames except the first one
9. Save the video as a Copy in AviDemux
10. ??
11. Trip out

AviDemux does have its faults though, but you have to work around it. Every time a project is saved, the application crashes – and the project itself leaves no file extension, so you’ll have to open the program and go through the menus to actually open it up [it would help if I knew which extension it used]. It also kept crashing at random points of erasing i-frames – but that’s more understandable.

I did make a macro script that sped up the process of erasing i-frames though – and this definitely helped for the ~11 minute video I just did; add this to your AutoHotkey script, reload it and use CTRL + H to find and remove the next i-frame.

Send {Up}
sleep, 250
Send [
sleep, 250
Send {Right}
sleep, 250
Send ]
sleep, 250
Send {Del}

If you have any questions or comments regarding the glitch – ask! =D
Regardless, hope your holidays kick ass!