Beam interactive streaming so far…

It’s been less than a week using, and so far I’m obsessed – the low latency mixed in with interactive controls grants new opportunities for games and content in general.

Certain games work better than others though.

Rocket League
~10 people controlled the same car in Rocket League, remotely, at the same time – and it was hilarious. I mean, of course there were times where someone went on a jumping spree when they shouldn’t of – but it’s a blast to play and adds a level of uniqueness.

This was also tried with split-screen, where I was player two. This worked well – but it made the experience too easy; I suppose people do love challenges after all.

No Man’s Sky
This works by using a script used to emulate mouse clicks and a program that emulates mouse movement.

How well does this work? Actually quite well – er, besides the fact that the ship handles like a boat. But really, it’s enjoyable! A bunch of people, including myself, would rotate around from playing to just watching – it was a very cool experience that I’ll be visiting again. [So many games, like Journey, would work with this rotation style.]

Platformers are quite tricky when you add latency – though that wasn’t the issue. The problem was that people kept turning, which caused us to not get very far. I’ll try it again and see where it ends up. It was a short-lived fun ride.

ePSXe – LSD: Dream Emulator
This was great and a similar experience with No Man’s Sky – people really weren’t fighting for the controls, rather, we all kept taking turns playing and watching. Enjoyable!

Snes9X – Multiple games
Puzzle games generally work better and so does anything turn-based like Final Fantasy or Pokémon; that being said, Super Mario World didn’t end up too well, but Bust-a-Move was great! Mario Paint crashed on me for some reason, but was an interesting test of random art through the night. And The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is hard but very doable – possible to beat!

BattleBlock Theater
Viewer acted as player 2, I was player 1 – it was a short test and the viewer said there was only slight lag, so I will be visiting this game again in the future. It was a fun short test indeed.

Gang Beasts early access
Although a very limited game at the moment of writing this, it was a BLAST to play. Technically, this game can handle 8 players – but I opted to try it with 4 instead. So, I had three sets of controls on Beam [Player 2, 3 & 4], while I was player 1. We just beat each other up until the game was done, and it was great. Will be doing this again once it’s released!

Games that didn’t work, probably due to API used
BizHawk [only via AutoHotKey, which added lag]
Critter Crunch [input API possibly not compatible]
N++ beta [input API possibly not compatible]
N v2.0 [any latency kills the game, requires precision]

What’s next?
GTA V, Skyrim, Just Cause 3, more emulators, Katamari, Dropsy, I am Bread, Spintires, Chime, Dead by Daylight, Human Fall Flat, Mount Your Friends, SuperHot, Who’s Your Daddy, Pokémon Revolution Online, Clustertruck, etc…

Sectioned off controls, allowing teams of people to play.
If you’re in the group handling Player 3, let’s say – you can only access Player 3, disabling you from funking with Player 1, 2 & 4’s controls.

There are more ideas I submitted, but this is the one I’m most interested in at the moment! =D

What should I do?!
Make a account and start following – you don’t want to miss it! =D /

Pokémon GO and the preservation of art

Just down the block lies the Welling Court Mural Project, a collection of street art that changes once a year. And in that change removes great pieces that people will never see again; unless of course, they were to look it up. =P

So to me, it’s very cool that Pokémon GO has accidentally preserved some of the past murals – even if it’s only some of them.

WTF 24/7 Pokémon GO bus

So my friend is having his Pokemon GO BUS fixed up – booooo!
In the meantime, here’s a shot I got of it on the BQE:

craigslist post:

Well I’ll be right back – got to charge my phone. -_-

Amplitude one-handed challenge has a winner?

I’m very proud to be the “father” of the one-handed Amplitude challenge for the sheer fact that as a community, anything is possible – and by anything I mean enduring hours in one-handed torment of musical fun – ahhhhhh..!


So I’ll be making a combined video with everyone’s footage.
To make the process smoother, please submit the following:
[And sorry if this has already been posted.]

– Upload actual video file via Google Drive or OneDrive
– If not, post to YouTube and send me the URL
– And, of course, send me a 300×300 icon to represent you

Prizes will be handed out over the weekend.

The People Resetti  Peachio  Subtenko  XdeathSRK  SpikeStarkey  TUSMBOX
Discomatt  Kicaken  Dexor  won1LayZFlip  EthanE3Eves

The Places

How do you unlock Super mode in Amplitude?

Easy, if you’re in the NYC area and have an adequate amount of tacos – hire me to do it!

Okay but in all seriousness, all you have to do is get 10 bars in total for the final section on Expert. Example? Sure!

3 bars in Supraspatial
2 bars in Digital Paralysis
3 bars in Energize
2 bars in Dalatecht

There you go. Now the next step is beating a level on Super with one-hand!

Good luck!