Beam: The amazing, the annoying

I’m currently obsessed with doing interactive streams, as you may or may not know. There are a few things that I love and hate about it though…

The amazing:

  • People unsure of a game can try it quickly
  • People not able to afford a PC or console can experience it remotely
  • FTL’s latency is so low that it makes most games actually playable
  • Playing certain games together brings unique emotions to the table

The annoying:

  • No moderation controls to see who is pressing what, enabling the ability to spam the session – rendering the game unplayable
  • Sections of the site are buggy due to it still being in beta, making changing controls & settings cumbersome

The good definitely outweigh the bad though.

Of course, there are so many additions I would like to see with Beam, like the ability to give only certain people controls. With that, you can section off people to Player 1, Player 2, etc. – which should be an interesting aspect in co-op and competition. Or, you can have certain people control the movement of a character, someone else controls the jump – again, you can do a lot of just this.

I can’t wait to see what’s next! =D