About sorryaboutyourcats

sorryaboutyourcats is some random guy from NYC that strives for uniqueness.

He recently quit his job as CTO of a medical software company to pursue streaming full time.
Currently, he’s working on various projects for himself and reputable companies.

Listed below are some of the streams he has done (video here). 

Interactive robot streams

  • MakeupBot where viewers control the robot to apply lipstick on DOMinAs1an and myself
  • Robot vs robot balloon jousting (viewers vs viewers, from two separate Beam accounts)
  • Mazes for the robot to go through, using a first person camera, emulating a Doom level
  • Speak to Alexa (Amazon Echo) through Discord, which then replies back on stream
  • Robot tank with arm that can grab objects and move them around (colab missions)
  • Ramps that the robot has to go up, then down on without falling
  • Robot soccer

Interactive games

  • Gaming with peripherals not meant for the game (using a DDR pad for Disc Jam while I face viewers playing interactively)
  • Viewers are able to graphically glitch the game out, hide layers, and attempt to mess me up while I try to beat games
  • Playing games together that were only possible locally (some games don’t have online multiplayer)
  • Playing random PC / retro console games with and against viewers, using one or two computers
  • Using AirConsole to play with viewers instantly through their phone or tablet for free
  • Utilizing a third party remote tool for viewers to play on my PS4 with me

Camera tricks

  • Viewers could change what camera was being shown to get a better angle during robot streams
  • Trippy webcam, using a processing script, allowed viewers to modify the effects
  • 360° camera where viewers could look around


  • Cartoons tracked by my eyes & head, body with mouse, lip-synced with people on Discord & stuff controlled by viewers
  • Music creation from my Pocket Operators while remixing random YouTube videos
  • Hue light changes with follows, hosts & certain commands
  • Deep dreaming / glitching photos that viewers send me
  • Interactive music visualizer

He has been gaming since he was 3 years old – starting out with an NES, Gameboy, then a Genesis.
Then he proceeded, years later, to make his own games on ZZT & Megazeux.

Gaming has taught him a lot over the years and helped him cope with PTSD – so he owes a lot to it.
So it only makes sense to bring some of that gaming love over to the people!

Some of the games that have been done with interactive controls:

Gaming library (not all, of course):

Expect many more streams, along with a fresh website, later this year!