Who are you!?

Well, I’m SorryAboutYourCats of course!

What do you do?

I make random videos on YouTube pertaining to music, gaming & technology – with other shit thrown in-between. As for real work, if you already know then you know! =P

Which consoles or devices do you game on?

Currently I am gaming on my PS3, PS4, PSVita, PC, Wii U & Android. I have other consoles, like the Xbox One, but they are rarely touched.

What made you start YouTubing?

In reality I’ve been making random crap before YouTube – but what really pushed me into making the channel was to relieve my post-traumatic stress disorder; did YouTube actually help with my PTSD? Fuck yeah it did.

What pushes you to continue YouTubing?

The comments and love from fans, really. The biggest push was from the feedback I received from Sexy Chiptune is Sexy, a mix I did using the game Sound Shapes – it removed some shyness that I usually have when dealing with music creation.

Can I add you on *insert gaming service here*?

Possibly; give it a go below!
PSN – SeReVo
Xbox Live – SeReVo
Nintendo Network ID – SeReVo
Steam – Serevolution

Do you like glitch art or deep dream media?

Oh I fucking love glitch art & deep dream content – what a silly question!

Any other links that could be of use?

Not really, but there are these:
My Sound Shapes levels
Tons of photos on the Lego Computer I made
My empty Etsy store
Games I made as a kid

Where you do see yourself with YouTube in next year or so?